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starts at Rs.35000/-

Leverage Swinger is the most economical single wheel Cricket Bowling
Machine available in the world. This machine is suitable
for professional practice and entertainment.
starts at Rs.50000/-

Leverage Master is the best entry level two wheel Cricket Bowling Machine
available in the market. Apt for professional cricketers to develop their skills
against speed, swing and spin deliveries.
starts at Rs.125000/-

This money generating concept has best features supported by
a robust Cricket Bowling Machine. Both animated and
real bowler simulation available. Most economical cricket bowling simulator
with instant replay, simulation of different pitches, dealer app with money
generation analysis, instant video to player after
the game etc.
at Rs.150000/-

Leverage Team-Mate is the world’s best machine for cricket fielding and
catching practice. This unique machine is designed for fielding, batting
reflexes and wicket keeping drills. It is a great tool for 90° high catches,
parabolic catches,ground fielding, etc. Useful for Cricket associations,
Professional clubs, Coaching camps and Institutes.
at Rs.999/-

Spingball is an amazing tool designed for batting practice. It helps in practicing
complex spin/seam deliveries and can be thrown by any bowler without
expertise. It is similar to that of a cricket ball in weight, size and bat feel. Its a
patent pending product.
at Rs.250/-

These Cricket Bowling Machine Balls are made with
non-wearing polyurethane material, lasts for longer periods compared to
regular cricket balls. Available in 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 155g and different
colours. These balls provide similar bat feel to that of a cricket ball.
at Rs.795/-

It is a one stop batting practice solution at an affordable price. The short lever
with goose neck design allows one to generate pace and accuracy. It can
generate speed upto 110km/h. Use it for throw and round arm action both for
seaming and swing deliveries.
starts at Rs.130000/-

It’s a well-known fact that the three wheel Bowling Machines are
way superior compared to the two wheel Cricket Bowling
Machines. Leverage Yantra being the first three wheel Cricket Bowling
Machine with artificial intelligence and wireless
operations, is the ultimate Cricket Bowling Machine
and a prized possession for any cricketer.
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